The Mapback Index

Brett Halliday

Pseudonym of Davis Dresser


NOTE: These are only this author's Dell Mapbacks. Books published under other publishers and imprints are not included.

Cover Dell Number Title Copyright Date Genre
Cover art - The Private Practice of Michael Shayne23The Private Practice of Michael Shayne1943Mystery
Cover art - Blood on the Black Market64Blood on the Black Market1944Mystery
Cover art - Murder Wears a Mummer's Mask78Murder Wears a Mummer's Mask1945Mystery
Cover art - Michael Shayne's Long Chance112Michael Shayne's Long Chance1946Mystery
Cover art - Murder
and the Married Virgin128Murder and the Married Virgin1946Mystery
Cover art - The Corpse Came Calling168The Corpse Came Calling1947Mystery
Cover art - Murder Is My Business184Murder Is My Business1947Mystery
Cover art - Marked for Murder222Marked for Murder1948Mystery
Cover art - Blood on Biscayne Bay268Blood on Biscayne Bay1949Mystery
Cover art - Counterfeit Wife280Counterfeit Wife1949Mystery
Cover art - Murder and the Married Virgin323Murder and the Married Virgin1949Mystery
Cover art - The Corpse Came Calling324The Corpse Came Calling1949Mystery
Cover art - Michael Shayne's Long Chance325Michael Shayne's Long Chance1949Mystery
Cover art - Murder Is My Business326Murder Is My Business1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!385Blood on the Stars1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!386The Uncomplaining Corpses1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!387Tickets for Death1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!388Murder Wears a Mummer's Mask1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!426A Taste of Violence1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!427Dead Man's Diary1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!428Call for Michael Shayne1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!429The Private Practice of Michael Shayne1950Mystery