The Mapback Index

Earl Sherwan - bio


NOTE: These are only this artist's Dell Mapbacks. Books published under other publishers and imprints are not included.

Cover Dell Number Title Author Copyright Date Genre
Sorry, no cover yet!130The Harvey GirlsSamuel Hopkins Adams1946General
Cover art - Meat for Murder135Meat for MurderLange Lewis1946Mystery
Cover art - The White Brigand144The White BrigandEdison Marshall1947Adventure
Cover art - Trail's End179Trail's EndWilliam MacLeod Raine1947Western
Cover art - Beam Ends195Beam EndsErrol Flynn1947Adventure
Cover art - First Men in the Moon201First Men in the MoonAnna Mary Wells1947Science Fiction
Cover art - Hold Your Breath: Suspense Stories206Hold Your Breath: Suspense StoriesAlfred Hitchcock1948Mystery
Cover art - Golden Earrings216Golden EarringsYolanda Foldes1948Romance
Cover art - Gun Smoke Yarns217Gun Smoke YarnsGene Autry1948Western
Cover art - Hospital Nocturne220Hospital NocturneAlice Elinor Lambert1948Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!224How to Pick a MateClifford R. Adams1948Non-fiction
Cover art - Skyscraper236SkyscraperFaith Baldwin1948Romance
Cover art - Bar-20 Days246Bar-20 DaysClarence E. Mulford1948Western
Cover art - Dangerous Ground248Dangerous GroundFrancis Sill Wickware1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!249Stars Still ShineLida Larrimore1948Romance
Cover art - Skyline Riders250Skyline RidersFrancis W. Hilton1948Western
Cover art - Death of a Bullionaire313Death of a BullionaireA. B. Cunningham1949Mystery