The Mapback Index

Robert Stanley - bio


NOTE: These are only this artist's Dell Mapbacks. Books published under other publishers and imprints are not included.

Cover Dell Number Title Author Copyright Date Genre
Cover art - Double Treasure335Double TreasureClarence Budington Kelland1949Western
Cover art - Yankee Pasha353Yankee PashaEdison Marshall1949Adventure
Sorry, no cover yet!375Date with DarknessDonald Hamilton1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!378Last of the LonghornsWill Ermine1950Western
Sorry, no cover yet!379Nightmare TownDashiell Hammett1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!380Invitation to LiveLloyd C. Douglas1950General
Sorry, no cover yet!383Rutledge Trails the Ace of SpadesWilliam MacLeod Raine1950Western
Sorry, no cover yet!385Blood on the StarsBrett Halliday1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!386The Uncomplaining CorpsesBrett Halliday1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!387Tickets for DeathBrett Halliday1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!388Murder Wears a Mummer's MaskBrett Halliday1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!390The Cabinda AffairMatthew Head1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!395The Devil's StrongholdLeslie Ford1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!399The Ridin' Kid from Powder RiverH. H. Knibbs1950Western
Sorry, no cover yet!400New York: ConfidentialJack Lait1950General
Sorry, no cover yet!403The Man in Lower TenMary Roberts Rinehart1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!405The Long EscapeDavid Dodge1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!406Cactus CavalierNorman A. Fox1950Western
Sorry, no cover yet!410The Affair at the Boat LandingA. B. Cunningham1950Mystery
Cover art - A Man Called Spade411A Man Called SpadeDashiell Hammett1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!413Arizona FeudFrank R. Adams1950Western
Sorry, no cover yet!416They Drive by NightA. I. Bezzerides1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!419Murder is MutuelJack Dolph1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!422Yankee PashaEdison Marshall1950Adventure
Sorry, no cover yet!424The Bandit TrailWilliam MacLeod Raine1950Western
Sorry, no cover yet!426A Taste of ViolenceBrett Halliday1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!427Dead Man's DiaryBrett Halliday1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!428Call for Michael ShayneBrett Halliday1950Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!429The Private Practice of Michael ShayneBrett Halliday1950Mystery
Cover art - Plunder of the Sun478Plunder of the SunDavid Dodge1951Mystery
Cover art - Fools Die on Friday542Fools Die on FridayA. A. Fair1951Mystery
Cover art - Manhunt West551Manhunt WestWalker A. Tompkins1951Western
Sorry, no cover yet!1399The Ridin' Kid from Powder RiverH. H. Knibbs1950Western
Sorry, no cover yet!1422Yankee PashaEdison Marshall1950Adventure